Dead Man Lying: new release by Scott Bury

IAI founding member Scott Bury launches his latest mystery, Dead Man Lying on June 27, 2016.

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What’s Dead Man Lying about?

She knows when you’re lying …FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm is back on Maui to catch a killer.

With lush rain forests, black sand beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle, Maui offers the perfect retirement location for once-famous country singer Steven Sangster … until he ends up dead.

As the killer, or killers, strike again and again, Detective Lei Texeira and FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm must untangle the lies spun by the singer’s associates, friends, family — and the singer himself before the music dies.

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 What are Kindle Worlds?

Kindle Worlds is an Amazon initiative that allows authors to publish stories set in another author’s fictional universe. The Lei Crime Kindle World is based on the Lei Crime series, created by bestselling author Toby Neal.

About the author

Pic-ScottBuryScott Bury is a founding member of Independent Authors International. He has published four novels, five novellas and four short stories.  Dead Man Lying is his third Lei Crime title.

His next book will be the final in the Walking Out of War trilogy, the true story of a Canadian drafted into the Soviet Red Army in World War 2. It will be released for Christmastime 2016.

For more about Scott, visit his:

And follow him on Twitter @ScottTheWriter.


New iAi title: The Wife Line

The Wife Line is the latest iAi title and the second book published by iAi founding member Scott Bury in 2016.

WifeLineFinal-LargeAbout The Wife Line

Human traffickers are selling young women from eastern Europe as sex slaves and killing them when they become inconvenient. Sydney Rye’s job is only to protect her client, until a mysterious, aggravating and irresistible young crusader pulls her and Blue on a far more dangerous path: taking down the whole slaving ring.

If you like Emily Kimelman’s Sydney Rye series featuring a strong female character, her canine best friend, Blue, tons of action and a dash of sex, you won’t be able to put The Wife Line down.

“An exciting adventure that left me wanting much much more.” — J. Felix, Amazon customer.

Start following Sydney, Blue and Van across the seamiest part of Europe right now.

The Wife Line is Scott Bury’s first Sydney Rye Kindle World book. Kindle Worlds allow authors to write thrilling stories in the fictional worlds and using characters created by other bestselling authors.

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About the author

Pic-ScottBuryScott Bury is an award-winning journalist, editor and author. He lives in Ottawa, Canada with two pesky cats, two mighty sons and a loving wife who puts up with a lot.

Read his full bio.



Book launch TODAY:

In the Shadow of LondonThere’s gone and then there’s London-gone ….

Marta Banks and her Tube Riders may have fled, but they left behind a city on the brink of collapse. In the violent wasteland of London Greater Urban Area, former Tube Rider David Silverwood tries to reunite the old members of the gang to make one last stand against the government. In his way is Dreggo, once a member of a rival gang but now the Governor’s right hand, and Lindon, a member of the criminal stronghold known as the Tank, who is struggling with issues of loyalty towards revolution, the people protected by his organisation, and his dying girlfriend, Cah.

Revisiting London in the period between Tube Riders: Exile and Tube Riders: Revenge, In the Shadow of London is a stunning addition to Chris Ward’s Tube Riders series.

Get it from Amazon.

About the author

ChrisWardChris Ward is a native of Cornwall, England, but currently lives and works in Nagano, Japan. He is the author of The Tube Riders Trilogy, The Man Who Built the World and Head of Words, as well as numerous short stories and collections.

He spends his time snowboarding, writing, playing guitar in his rock band, Steampunk Unicorn (www.reverbnation/steampunkunicorn), and generally having too much to say about just about everything.



Gray Salvation: Alan McDermott adds to the Tom Gray saga

AlanMcDermottFans of non-stop, pulse-pounding action thrillers are thrilled with the arrival of Alan McDermott’s sixth volume in the Tom Gray series, Gray Salvation. Once again, British Intelligence finds its only hope is Tom Gray.

The series began in 2011 with Gray Justice, which has been an Amazon bestseller ever since. Reader demand prompted Alan to create a series, and protagonist Tom Gray literally circling the globe through two installments, Gray Resurrection and Gray Redemption.

“When I started Gray Salvation, I had no idea what Tom’s involvement was going to be. I’ve never been one for plotting out a story, so I pictured an opening scene and wrote ideas for the first three chapters, then went for it. By the time I got to chapter four the ideas were flowing, but it could have gone in one of many directions. When Tom entered the story, I think I showed his strengths. His dedication to his daughter, and also his loyalty to his friends.”

A founder of Independent Authors International, McDermott published the latest in his bestselling Tom Gray series on March 8, and says he’s hard at work on his seventh. However, for that one, Alan says he plans “to give Tom Gray a rest after all he’s been through, not least in Gray Salvation.

“In book seven, I will be focusing on Andrew Harvey, Veronica Ellis and the rest of the MI5 team my readers will be familiar with.”

“The next Tom Gray story is going to be the one that really lets people see how Tom and the gang came to be. I plan to go back to his SAS days with at least one prequel, and I have a few ideas already jotted down. I plan to base the first story around an actual event (don’t know which one, yet) so there’s going to be a lot of research going into that one.”

GraySalvationCoverWhat’s Gray Salvation about?

When the body of an MI5 operative is found floating in the Thames, police frogmen find a significant clue nearby: Nikolai Sereyev, an MI5 informer and mid-level player in a Russian criminal organisation. Both men have been brutally murdered.

Andrew Harvey is tasked with finding his colleague’s killer, and quickly uncovers a plot to assassinate a visiting dignitary on British soil. No sooner has he scraped the surface of the case than the tables are turned and he becomes a pawn in a game of international brinkmanship that leads all the way to the Kremlin.

Harvey’s girlfriend, Sarah, also a secret service operative, is hot on his trail, but when she too becomes compromised, security chief Veronica Ellis knows there is only one man she can turn to. He’s a loose cannon, but she needs his help to rescue her agent and prevent a full-blown international incident.

The trouble is, Tom Gray has gone to ground. Finding him is just the beginning.

This sixth book in the series can be enjoyed equally as a standalone novel.

A Thomas & Mercer publication, Gray Salvation is available exclusively on Amazon.

The Tom Gray series

Action thriller—Book 1 in the Tom Gray series
Action thriller—Book 1 in the Tom Gray series

GrayResurrection_FrontCover_11.27.13GrayRedemption_FrontCover_11.27.13 GrayRetribution_FrontCover_4.2.14 GrayVengeance


Two top authors authors join iAi

Two more independent authors have added their prodigious skills to this authors’ cooperative.

Samreen1Samreen Ahsan

is the multi award-winning and barrier-bashing author of A Prayer Series and the new [Stolen] Series. In her own words:ASilentPrayer

“History, art and literature are my passions. I love digging out information about prophecies, divine miracles and paranormal events that are mentioned in history and holy books, that don’t sound possible in today’s modern world.” Read her full bio and see her books on her own page.

Siggy-BuckleySiggy Buckley

is also an award-winner. A former English teacher in Germany, her life took an unexpected turn when her CPA husband opted out of the rat race in Germany and moved his family to Ireland to become organic farmers. After the breakup of her marriage, Siggy reinvented herself, launching a dating service in Dublin. Remarried, she now lives and writes in Florida. She is a member of the National League of American Pen Women.NextTimeLucky

You can read her full bio and see her books on her iAi Author page.

Independent Authors International is a member-owned cooperative organization that seeks to raise the profile of its members and raise the professional standards of independent authors.


New iAi book: Each Day I Wake

By Seb Kirby

Each-Day-I-Wake-Cover-LARGE-EBOOKA gripping psychological thriller

Young women are going missing and only Tom Markland knows the terrifying truth.

When he’s pulled out of the North Dock, he comes round not knowing who he is or how he got there.

All he knows is that someone is killing young women.

He sees them die each time he closes his eyes.

The only way he’s going to recover his identity is to discover who is doing the killings.

Each Day I Wake will keep you turning page after page.


“A fascinating and enthralling storyline”

“This is an amazing, frightening, engulfing, suspenseful story which will keep you guessing until the very end.”

“An action-packed thriller … I loved it!”

About the author

SK3Seb Kirby was literally raised with books — his grandfather ran a mobile library in Birmingham, UK and his parents inherited a random selection of the books. Once he discovered a trove of well-used titles from Zane Gray’s Riders of the Purple Sage, HG Wells’ The Invisible Man and Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities to more obscure stuff, he was hooked.

He’s been an avid reader ever since.

Other inspirations include Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis and The Trial, George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich, Fahrenheit 451by Ray Bradbury, Boris Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago, Arthur Koestler’sDarkness At Noon, Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov, Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

He is author of the James Blake thriller series, Take No More, Regret No More and Forgive No More, and the science-fiction thriller, Double Bind.

Visit his iAi author page and his website.


Sale! After the War is just 99¢ until September 13

Autumn Birt’s After the War: Friends of my Enemy, Book 2 is on sale for 99¢ until Sunday 9/13 from Amazon US and UK.

What’s After the War about?

How do you remove a war hero from power?

Known as the Lady Grey, her leadership won the apocalyptic war that ravaged Europe. But now in 2068 and three years into the official peace, the alliance she’s maintained with the seven ministers who rule Europe falters under the lack of an external threat. They want back the power she claimed in a bid to protect the continent; an authority they never authorized. With no war, she is no longer needed, even if she safeguards the borders from a threat that is hiding more than is dead.

But how do you plot the downfall of a popular wartime heroine – a woman who controls the armed forces? One dent at a time…

Continue the military dystopian series Friends of my Enemy with book 2, After the War. After the War can be read without reading book 1, Stories from the War, so join the near future thriller now!

Set in Europe, this series unfolds through the intersecting lives of a small handful of people. Though a fiction novel, real events such as terrorism, climate change, and manipulated politics play a role in this riveting story of romance, love, betrayal, and sacrifice made for the good of a continent.

Readers are calling After the War “a superb novel” and “Jane Austen meets World War III!”

About the author

Autumnbio croppedAutumn is a best selling author in fantasy, epic fantasy, and war.

She is the author of the epic fantasy-adventure trilogy on elemental magic, The Rise of the Fifth Order, which comprise Born of Water, Rule of Fire and Spirit of Life. Her newest series isFriends of my Enemy, a military dystopian/ dark fantasy tale laced with romance.

She is working on a new epic fantasy trilogy, Games of Fire, set in the same world as the Rise of the Fifth Order. If she stops goofing off and enjoying hobbies such as hiking, motorcycling, and kayaking, she may even be able to release the first book in 2015 too.

For more information, visit her iAi Authors page or her own website and blog.

Facebook  |  Twitter


Bestselling author wraps up Drone Wars series

TherDroneWarslargecoverFrederick Lee Brooke has just launched the third and final installment in his dystopian science-fiction Drone Wars series. Envisioning America in the near future, the year 2021, was highly entertaining, according to Brooke. In The Drone Wars, the two main political parties have splintered into nine, assassinations and random explosions are daily events, and brutal militias have taken over the supply chain for food, alcohol and other necessities of daily life.

The extent to which personal drones encroach on daily life in The Drone Wars reflects more and more our reality in 2015, as drones are starting to be used to deliver packages but also to spy on sunbathing neighbors, spawning shootings and lawsuits. “I didn’t know they would take a scene right out of Saving Raine,” Brooke said, naming the first book in the Drone Wars series, “but I do expect that drones will become part of our daily life more and more in the coming years, with all the advantages and risks that implies.”IMG_3760

In the third book in the series, Matt Carney and his twin brother Luke face the almost impossible challenge of outfoxing their father, who is bent on mass murder on unprecedented scale in order to found a new order.

Brooke is the author of the three-book Annie Ogden Mystery series, including his popular first book, Doing Max Vinyl, as well as the Drone Wars Trilogy. The author can be found on Facebook as well as on Instagram, or else on his blog.


Author Gae-Lynn Woods joins Independent Authors International

Gae-Lynn WoodsAward-winning mystery-thriller author Gae-Lynn Woods has joined Independent Authors International, adding her skills as a writer and publisher to the group of prolific authors from around the world.

“I’m excited to join the Independent Authors International team because of their professionalism in all aspects of our trade and craft,” she says. “The work produced by iAi members is top notch across the board. It raises the game in the indie community and lifts the expectations of our readers.


Woods has written three mystery novels set in east Texas, where she now makes her home. She has traveled to over 35 countries and worked in North and Central America, Asia, India, Europe, and Africa.

Her books are the Cass Elliot Crime Series, which so far comprise The Devil of Light and Avengers of Blood. A companion novel, A Case of Sour Grapes, featuring Maxine Leverman, a character introduced in Avengers of Blood. A Case of Sour Grapes was a finalist in the 2015 East Texas Writers Guild First Chapter Contest.

Avengers of Blood-final file“The perceived gap between the standard of independent and traditionally published authors is narrowing, and with the continued creation and marketing of quality work by indie authors, the gap will soon disappear. Given their commitment to excellence, iAi is an important platform for connecting readers with powerful new voices.”

Sour Grapes-finalThe iAi’s goal is to help its members produce quality, professional works recognized by literary agents, publishers, booksellers, and readers. The group is a democratic, cooperative organization controlled by its members, who come from eight countries around the world.


iAi author publishes two books in one week

iAi founding member Scott Bury will publish two Kindle World novellas within a few days. JET – Stealth, a JET Kindle World novella, launched on July 28, and Torn Roots, a Lei Crime Kindle World story, comes out on July 31.

The Kindle Worlds are an Amazon initiative where authors can publish stories about the characters and worlds of other popular authors. The Lei Crime series is the creation of bestseller Toby Neal, and are set in Hawaii.

The JET series was created by bestseller Russell Blake, telling the story of former Mossad secret agent Maya, code-named Jet.

Bury’s Lei Crime novella Torn Roots features Toby Neal’s character, Maui police detective Pono Kaihale, and a new FBI Special Agent, Vanessa Storm. In the story, a fiery environmental activist named Rowan Fields finds herself framed for arson and murder in a case involving a luxury yacht club development.

JET - Stealth - 500 x 800In JET – Stealth, Maya, or Jet, is on her way to a quiet life after having left Mossad, but when her plane is hijacked, she’s caught in a fight over a new, mysterious stealth gun.

ScottBury2These are Scott Bury‘s fourth and fifth book-length publications. He is also the historical fantasy The Bones of the Earth, the erotic-romatic spoof One Shade of Red, and the Second World War memoir, Army of Worn Soles. He has also published a children’s story, Sam, the Strawb Part, and paranormal-horror stories Dark Clouds and What Made Me Love You?