Wired Rogue: Toby Neal’s new cyber thriller available for pre-order

Paradise has no protection from an insidious cult.wired rouge-text-usa today-high res "Wired in" to her computers, MMA-fighting tech agent Sophie Ang has been content in her clean, cool tech lab, where she chases criminals online, continuing a dance in the dark with the enigmatic vigilante known as the Ghost. Tumultuous changes from without and within eject her from her agency cocoon to the front lines, where she finds herself in partnership with a brilliant, overbearing, larger-than-life ex-Special Forces operative, Jake Dunn. They climb walls, dodge bullets, kidnap children and dig up bodies for a case that might cost her life—and has already taken her badge. “Toby Neal has created a wonderfully rounded action heroine with everything: looks, brains, mixed martial arts prowess, and the ability to swear proficiently in Thai and English. Fans will love Sophie Ang, as well as the tangled web she must negotiate in the tropical setting of Hawaii.” — Russell Blake, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Available for pre-order from:

About the author

Toby-Neal-Bio-Media-Kit-150x150Toby Neal grew up on the island of Kaua`i in Hawaii. After a few “stretches of exile” to pursue education, the islands have been home for the last sixteen years. Toby is a clinical social worker, a career that informs the depth and complexity of the characters in her books.

Neal is the author of more than a dozen novels in the mystery and young adult genres, and the bestselling Lei Crime SeriesTM which launched in 2011.

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SUGAR FOR SUGAR: New thriller from Seb Kirby now available for pre-order

A gripping psychological thriller Coming November 4SugarForSugar

How far would you go to uncover the secrets of your past? Issy Cunningham has made a new life for herself but that's all about to come crashing down. If only she could recall what happened that Valentine's Eve, she would be able to tell the police what really took place. But those memories won't come because there's too much in the past that troubles her. How can she set the record straight when her past won't let her be? Pre-order Sugar for Sugar before publication on November 4 for 99 cents/99p. Price goes up on official publication day! http://smarturl.it/sfors

About the author


SebKirby2Seb Kirby was literally raised with books — his grandfather ran a mobile library in Birmingham, UK and his parents inherited a random selection of the books. Once he discovered a trove of well-used titles from Zane Gray’s Riders of the Purple Sage, HG Wells’ The Invisible Man and Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities to more obscure stuff, he was hooked.

He’s been an avid reader ever since.

He is author of the James Blake thriller series, Take No More, Regret No More and Forgive No More, and the science-fiction thriller, Double Bind. Sugar for Sugar is his newest release.

Read more about Seb on his full Author page, or visit his website.


Book launch: The Girl with the Gun by Emily Kimelman

New member Emily Kimelman has just launched the eighth book in her bestselling Sydney Rye series, The Girl with the Gun. And if you buy it this week, Emily will send you free e-book and audiobook versions of the second volume in the series, Death in the Dark.

TGWTGAbout The Girl with the Gun

When international fugitive Sydney Rye turns herself over to authorities in order to protect the vigilante network she inspired, her freedom depends on helping Homeland Security shift the tides in a war for “hearts and minds.” Recruiting female fighters to take on jihadists because being killed by a woman is the only thing they fear (it bars their entrance to heaven) is the perfect assignment for Sydney and her dog, Blue. But when the director who enlisted her is killed and the deal she made is scrapped, Sydney and Blue are left in a war zone, hunted by the U.S government and jihadists. From a bestselling author who “has reimagined a traditional genre for a new generation.” (New York Times Best Selling Author of “Black Hawk Down” Mark Bowden).

How to get your free bonus e-book and audiobook

Download a copy of The Girl with the Gun by Saturday, September 17, and send proof of purchase to emily@emilykimelman.com. She’ll send you your free bonus!

Get The Girl with the Gun on any of these sites:


About Emily Kimelman

Emily-author-photo-200x300Emily is the author of eight book in her Sydney Rye mystery, action adventure series. She also writes dystopian, paranormal romances under the name E.J. Kimelman.

A traveler, mother and all around bad ass chick, Emily is always happy to hear from readers.

For more about Emily, see her iAi Author page, or connect with her on Twitter @ejkimelman,Facebook, and at her website, www.emilykimelman.com.


Four bestsellers join iAi

Four bestselling authors have joined Independent Authors International:

  • Emily Kimelman, author of the bestselling Sydney Rye series and the Kiss serial
  • Bob Nailor, author of contemporary literature, as well as science-fiction, fantasy and non-fiction
  • Toby Neal, author of the Lei Crime series and other island literature, and
  • Kathleen Valentine, author of the bestselling Beacon Hill Chronicles, Halcyon Beach Chronicles and Marienstadt series.

All four are full iAi members as of September 1.

Emily-author-photo-200x300Emily Kimelman was born in Philadelphia, has lived in Texas and Moscow, and has travelled the world. Her own dog became the inspiration for Blue, the fictional companion of the title character of Emily’s bestselling Sydney Rye novels.

The eighth of the Sydney Rye series of action/mystery novels, The Girl with the Gun, will be published this fall.

Seven other authors have also published novellas based on Emily’s characters and situations in the Sydney Rye Kindle world.

Emily has also been publishing an episodic urban fantasy serial, called Kiss. The first “season” features six episodes, with more planned.

See her iAi Author page for more.

Toby-Neal-Bio-Media-Kit-150x150Toby Neal grew up on the island of Kaua`i in Hawaii and after living for periods in other places, has since settled on Maui. Islands figure prominently in Toby’s writing — most of her books are set on the Hawaiian or Caribbean islands. A mental health therapist, Toby created the character of police detective Lei Texeira, protagonist of a series of Lei Crime novels that now numbers 12 volumes. The latest, Bitter Feast, was published in May 2016. The Lei Crime Kindle World, in which other authors write and publish works featuring characters, settings and situations from the original Lei Crime novels, now numbers over 40 different titles.

In addition to the Lei Crime series, Toby has also written five Lei Crime companion novels, featuring characters from the Lei Crime series, four romantic fiction novels in the “Somewhere” series, a young adult novel called Island Fire, and a non-fiction mini-book, Building an Author Platform that Can Launch Anything.

See her iAi Author page for more.

BobNailorBob Nailor is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and federal government. His writing spans genres from science fiction to horror. He has also written two guides for writers: Cracked! The Writing Mystique Secrets De-Mystified and 52 Weeks of Writing Tips, compiled from his blog.

His latest fiction is a step into contemporary literature. The Secret Voice tells the story of an Amish boy in 1961 who leaves his community for New York City.

See his iAi Author page for more.

KV-300pxKathleen Valentine grew up in the Allegheny mountains and now lives in the seaport of Gloucester, Massachussetts. Her novels weave the legends and stories told in kitchens and on front porches by the people she has listened to all her life.

In addition to mysteries like The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic, the ghost stories of the Halcyon Beach Chronicles, and contemporary literature in the Marienstadt series of stories and novels, Kathleen has published a series of instructional booklets on knitting, as well as a combination cookbook and memoir, Fry Bacon, Add Onions. She is also one of the co-authors of Cooking with our Characters: Fifteen Recipes from Characters in Our Books.

About iAi

Independent Authors International now has 21 members from six different countries. Its goal is to help readers find excellent books, by collaboratively publishing high quality books. For more information about Independent Authors International or to schedule an interview with one of its members, please contact Scott Bury by email at scott.bury@iAuthorsi.org.


And Night Descends: New book release by Bruce Blake


The third book of Bruce Blake's The Small Gods series

The moment Teryk and Danya, the royal siblings, spoke the words inscribed on the long-forgotten scroll, they foolishly set in motion events destined to bring about the prophecy’s predictions. Teryk is the firstborn, but why do the words only make sense to his sister?

As they each launch themselves recklessly into a heroic mission to save mankind, it seems inevitable that key elements in this game of the gods would be drawn to one another and collide with frightful and yet-unfathomable consequences.

With a Small God already captured and being dragged to his death by a colossal, bloodthirsty golem, is it too late to turn back fate? Can any of them find a way to resist their destinies?

Intrigue in the court, an impenetrable veil between two worlds, escape, sacrifice, retribution and magic pull the strings of these puppets of destiny on a massive, creation-spanning chessboard hidden in shadow, veiled in darkness, lost in the night.

Where to get And Night Descends and the rest of the Small Gods series

About Bruce Blake

BruceABlakeBruce Blake lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The father of two, Bruce is also the trophy husband of a burlesque diva.

Bruce is also author of: 

And co-author (as Mr. Bitts) of:

Find out more about Bruce at:

Keep up-to-date with new releases: http://eepurl.com/pjLej and follow him on Twitter @BruceaBlake.


New book release: A Year in a Yurt

by Adam and Autumn Raven (Née Birt)

YearinaYurt 400Independent Authors International member Autumn Birt and her husband, Adam Raven, have released a nonfiction title, A Year in a Yurt. 

"Many people have asked why we did this. Why would my husband and I sell our home, car, ATV, snowmobile, furniture, why donate over 90% of our belongings and move into a yurt, in Maine no less? You might be surprised, because the reasons were really not all that unique: debt, unhappiness, and lack of fulfillment with where we found ourselves in life. What was unique was our solution.

"Join us as we strive to achieve our dream of becoming debt free by drastically altering our lifestyle and building a low cost, DIY yurt. A Year in a Yurt follows us as beginners while we tackle our first year from construction through a snowy Maine winter in our tiny house while we battle insects, heat, cold, and occasionally each other in a search for freedom through living in an alternative, solar home. Learn from our decisions made to solve a multitude of problems from solar installation, types of toilets, what to cook on, how to plumb an indoor shower, and more as we strive not just to survive but to be prosperous and self sufficient in our new homesteading lives.

"This book is full of photos with more available on line to better illustrate what life is like in less than 500 square feet of space and living in a cloth sided yurt!"

Where to get A Year in a Yurt

About Autumn Birt

Autumnbio croppedAutumn is a best selling author in fantasy, epic fantasy, and war—not all on the same series though! She is the author of the epic fantasy-adventure trilogy on elemental magic, The Rise of the Fifth Order,which comprise Born of Water, Rule of Fire and Spirit of Life. Her newest series is Friends of my Enemy, a military dystopian/ dark fantasy tale laced with romance.

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Dead Man Lying: new release by Scott Bury

IAI founding member Scott Bury launches his latest mystery, Dead Man Lying on June 27, 2016. Dead Man Lying - 529x800

What's Dead Man Lying about?

She knows when you’re lying …FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm is back on Maui to catch a killer. With lush rain forests, black sand beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle, Maui offers the perfect retirement location for once-famous country singer Steven Sangster … until he ends up dead. As the killer, or killers, strike again and again, Detective Lei Texeira and FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm must untangle the lies spun by the singer’s associates, friends, family — and the singer himself before the music dies. Get it exclusively on Amazon.

 What are Kindle Worlds?

Kindle Worlds is an Amazon initiative that allows authors to publish stories set in another author’s fictional universe. The Lei Crime Kindle World is based on the Lei Crime series, created by bestselling author Toby Neal.

About the author

Pic-ScottBuryScott Bury is a founding member of Independent Authors International. He has published four novels, five novellas and four short stories.  Dead Man Lying is his third Lei Crime title.

His next book will be the final in the Walking Out of War trilogy, the true story of a Canadian drafted into the Soviet Red Army in World War 2. It will be released for Christmastime 2016.

For more about Scott, visit his:

And follow him on Twitter @ScottTheWriter.


New iAi title: The Wife Line

The Wife Line is the latest iAi title and the second book published by iAi founding member Scott Bury in 2016.

WifeLineFinal-LargeAbout The Wife Line

Human traffickers are selling young women from eastern Europe as sex slaves and killing them when they become inconvenient. Sydney Rye’s job is only to protect her client, until a mysterious, aggravating and irresistible young crusader pulls her and Blue on a far more dangerous path: taking down the whole slaving ring.

If you like Emily Kimelman’s Sydney Rye series featuring a strong female character, her canine best friend, Blue, tons of action and a dash of sex, you won’t be able to put The Wife Line down.

“An exciting adventure that left me wanting much much more.” — J. Felix, Amazon customer.

Start following Sydney, Blue and Van across the seamiest part of Europe right now.

The Wife Line is Scott Bury's first Sydney Rye Kindle World book. Kindle Worlds allow authors to write thrilling stories in the fictional worlds and using characters created by other bestselling authors.

Get it exclusively on Amazon.

About the author

Pic-ScottBuryScott Bury is an award-winning journalist, editor and author. He lives in Ottawa, Canada with two pesky cats, two mighty sons and a loving wife who puts up with a lot.

Read his full bio.


Book launch TODAY:

In the Shadow of LondonThere’s gone and then there’s London-gone …. Marta Banks and her Tube Riders may have fled, but they left behind a city on the brink of collapse. In the violent wasteland of London Greater Urban Area, former Tube Rider David Silverwood tries to reunite the old members of the gang to make one last stand against the government. In his way is Dreggo, once a member of a rival gang but now the Governor’s right hand, and Lindon, a member of the criminal stronghold known as the Tank, who is struggling with issues of loyalty towards revolution, the people protected by his organisation, and his dying girlfriend, Cah. Revisiting London in the period between Tube Riders: Exile and Tube Riders: Revenge, In the Shadow of London is a stunning addition to Chris Ward’s Tube Riders series. Get it from Amazon.

About the author

ChrisWardChris Ward is a native of Cornwall, England, but currently lives and works in Nagano, Japan. He is the author of The Tube Riders Trilogy, The Man Who Built the World and Head of Words, as well as numerous short stories and collections.

He spends his time snowboarding, writing, playing guitar in his rock band, Steampunk Unicorn (www.reverbnation/steampunkunicorn), and generally having too much to say about just about everything.


Gray Salvation: Alan McDermott adds to the Tom Gray saga

AlanMcDermottFans of non-stop, pulse-pounding action thrillers are thrilled with the arrival of Alan McDermott’s sixth volume in the Tom Gray series, Gray Salvation. Once again, British Intelligence finds its only hope is Tom Gray. The series began in 2011 with Gray Justice, which has been an Amazon bestseller ever since. Reader demand prompted Alan to create a series, and protagonist Tom Gray literally circling the globe through two installments, Gray Resurrection and Gray Redemption. "When I started Gray Salvation, I had no idea what Tom's involvement was going to be. I've never been one for plotting out a story, so I pictured an opening scene and wrote ideas for the first three chapters, then went for it. By the time I got to chapter four the ideas were flowing, but it could have gone in one of many directions. When Tom entered the story, I think I showed his strengths. His dedication to his daughter, and also his loyalty to his friends." A founder of Independent Authors International, McDermott published the latest in his bestselling Tom Gray series on March 8, and says he’s hard at work on his seventh. However, for that one, Alan says he plans “to give Tom Gray a rest after all he’s been through, not least in Gray Salvation. “In book seven, I will be focusing on Andrew Harvey, Veronica Ellis and the rest of the MI5 team my readers will be familiar with.” "The next Tom Gray story is going to be the one that really lets people see how Tom and the gang came to be. I plan to go back to his SAS days with at least one prequel, and I have a few ideas already jotted down. I plan to base the first story around an actual event (don't know which one, yet) so there's going to be a lot of research going into that one."

GraySalvationCoverWhat’s Gray Salvation about?

When the body of an MI5 operative is found floating in the Thames, police frogmen find a significant clue nearby: Nikolai Sereyev, an MI5 informer and mid-level player in a Russian criminal organisation. Both men have been brutally murdered. Andrew Harvey is tasked with finding his colleague’s killer, and quickly uncovers a plot to assassinate a visiting dignitary on British soil. No sooner has he scraped the surface of the case than the tables are turned and he becomes a pawn in a game of international brinkmanship that leads all the way to the Kremlin. Harvey’s girlfriend, Sarah, also a secret service operative, is hot on his trail, but when she too becomes compromised, security chief Veronica Ellis knows there is only one man she can turn to. He’s a loose cannon, but she needs his help to rescue her agent and prevent a full-blown international incident. The trouble is, Tom Gray has gone to ground. Finding him is just the beginning. This sixth book in the series can be enjoyed equally as a standalone novel. A Thomas & Mercer publication, Gray Salvation is available exclusively on Amazon.

The Tom Gray series

Action thriller—Book 1 in the Tom Gray series
Action thriller—Book 1 in the Tom Gray series
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