• A Silent Prayer

    A Silent Prayer: A Prayer Series, Book 1 By Samreen Ahsan

  • A Prayer Heeded: A Prayer series, Book 2 By Samreen Ahsan

  • Once Upon a [Stolen] Time By Samreen Ahsan

  • Born of Water: The Rise of the Fifth Order, Book 1 By Autumn Birt

  • Rule of Fire: Rise of the Fifth Order, Book 2 By Autumn Birt

  • Spirit of Life: Rise of the Fifth Order, Book 3 By Autumn Birt

  • Spark of Defiance: Games of Fire, Book 1

  • When Shadows Fall: The First Book of the Small Gods By Bruce Blake

  • Darkness Comes cover

    The Darkness Comes: The Second Book of the Small Gods, by Bruce Blake

  • And Night Descends cover

    And Night Descends - Third book in the Small Gods series Fantasy by Bruce Blake

  • Blood of the King: Khirro's Journey, Book 1 By Bruce Blake

  • Initiation Rites: The Bones of the Earth, Part 1 By Scott Bury

  • The Bones of the Earth By Scott Bury

  • Dragonfriend: Leonard the Great, Book 1 Fantasy by Roger Eschbacher

  • GiantKiller: Leonard the Great, Bookk 2 By Roger Eschbacher

  • UNDRASTORMUR: A Viking Fantasy Adventure By Roger Eschbacher

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