BestSelling authors team up to write scorching hot series

The Scorch series: A collaborative effort

iAi members Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman have teamed up to produce a six-book romantic thriller series that is already climbing the bestseller lists.

Set in a post-apocalyptic United States, the Scorch series combines romance and action in the fast-paced, vivid storytelling style these two bestsellers share. The extremely contagious Scorch Flu is sweeping the nation, killing nearly everyone who gets infected, and the results are the breakdown of American civilization.

The series tells the story of the pandemic through the experiences of the Luciano family of Philadelphia: brothers JT, Dolf, Nando, Cash, Luca and Dante, sister Lucy and mother Ana. Each volume focuses on one of the family.

The first volume, Scorch Road, is the story of JT, an environmental biologist who has transformed a disused military survival camp in remote Idaho into the Haven, a place for his family to ride out the apocalypse he has foreseen. When scientist Elizabeth Johnson crash-lands in his field with a cryocase of what could become a vaccine against Scorch Flu, JT agrees to take her on a harrowing journey to Washington, DC, stopping in Philadelphia on the way to convince his family to come to his retreat.

"We are both interested in dystopian themes," Toby Neal explains. "I wrote Island Fire, an EMP survival YA story set in Hawaii, and Emily wrote the Kiss series, about the zombie apocalypse. We both love romance and action. The Scorch series is the perfect fit for our talents combined!"

Cinder Road, the second in the series, is the story of the cold, calculating Dolf Luciano and Avital, the widow of Dolf’s twin, Nando. It launches on February 21 at an introductory price of .99, with a huge "launch bonus" value in the back for those who buy it during the first week.

Smoke Road, book 3, is about “alpha dog,” ex-Special Forces Luca Luciano, who teams up with Dr. Nani Kagawa’s elite commando unit tracking down the suspicious origins of the plague. It will publish on March 14.

Burnt Road, coming out on April 4, is the story of Dante, the genius brother who made millions in the California IT industry and has twin challenges when the pandemic hits: getting an actress from Malibu to JT’s safe compound in Idaho, and his autism.

Flame Road focuses on brother Cash, and the release is planned for April 25. Smolder Road wraps up the saga with little sister Lucy Luciano, and is planned for publishing on May 6.

“Writing can be a lonely business, so when Toby invited me to co-author I jumped at the chance,” says Emily Kimelman. “It's been both harder and more rewarding than I could have imagined.”

"Working together energized us and our writing," Toby Neal says. "Co-authoring is NOT less work—in some ways, it's more intense. But we love the stories we are making and the energy we spark in each other for our readers."

You can get Scorch Road now on Amazon .

Learn more about Toby Neal on her iAi Author page.

Get to know Emily Kimelman from her iAi Author page.


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