Undrastormur, Part 2: The Great Tree now available for pre-order

By Roger Eschbacher

Scheduled for publication on January 30, 2018, Roger Eschbacher's new novella Undrastormur, Part 2: The Great Tree continues the adventures of Eirik Ulfson, a Norse galdrakarl/wizard-in-training. The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

When the roots of the Great Tree are attacked by a plague of monster slugs, Eirik and his companions must destroy the ravenous creatures before they release the Nidhoggr, a mountain-sized dragon bent on bringing death and destruction to all of the nine worlds.

The Great Tree is the follow-up to the hilarious and critically acclaimed Undrastormur: A Viking Fantasy Adventure, published in 2014.

Pre-order Undrastormur, Part 2: The Great Tree on Amazon today for $1.99—before the price goes up!

A native of St. Louis, Missouri,

Roger Eschbacher

lives in Los Angeles, California, where he's worked as a writer/actor for over 30 years (read his IMDb page for the whole grisly story). These days he works primarily as a TV animation writer who's written for shows you've heard of like Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated, Wabbit, and Littlest Pet Shop and a few you haven't. Along the way he managed to get nominated for an Emmy.

He's the author of the middle-grade fantasy adventure novel Dragonfriend (winner of a 2012 BRAG Medallion) and its sequel Giantkiller.

Roger's most recent work is Ghost Star, published by Amazon Scout.

Visit Roger's website and blog.


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