Bestselling author wraps up Drone Wars series

TherDroneWarslargecoverFrederick Lee Brooke has just launched the third and final installment in his dystopian science-fiction Drone Wars series. Envisioning America in the near future, the year 2021, was highly entertaining, according to Brooke. In The Drone Wars, the two main political parties have splintered into nine, assassinations and random explosions are daily events, and brutal militias have taken over the supply chain for food, alcohol and other necessities of daily life. The extent to which personal drones encroach on daily life in The Drone Wars reflects more and more our reality in 2015, as drones are starting to be used to deliver packages but also to spy on sunbathing neighbors, spawning shootings and lawsuits. “I didn’t know they would take a scene right out of Saving Raine,” Brooke said, naming the first book in the Drone Wars series, “but I do expect that drones will become part of our daily life more and more in the coming years, with all the advantages and risks that implies.”IMG_3760 In the third book in the series, Matt Carney and his twin brother Luke face the almost impossible challenge of outfoxing their father, who is bent on mass murder on unprecedented scale in order to found a new order. Brooke is the author of the three-book Annie Ogden Mystery series, including his popular first book, Doing Max Vinyl, as well as the Drone Wars Trilogy. The author can be found on Facebook as well as on Instagram, or else on his blog.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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