New iAi title: The Wife Line

The Wife Line is the latest iAi title and the second book published by iAi founding member Scott Bury in 2016.

WifeLineFinal-LargeAbout The Wife Line

Human traffickers are selling young women from eastern Europe as sex slaves and killing them when they become inconvenient. Sydney Rye’s job is only to protect her client, until a mysterious, aggravating and irresistible young crusader pulls her and Blue on a far more dangerous path: taking down the whole slaving ring.

If you like Emily Kimelman’s Sydney Rye series featuring a strong female character, her canine best friend, Blue, tons of action and a dash of sex, you won’t be able to put The Wife Line down.

“An exciting adventure that left me wanting much much more.” — J. Felix, Amazon customer.

Start following Sydney, Blue and Van across the seamiest part of Europe right now.

The Wife Line is Scott Bury's first Sydney Rye Kindle World book. Kindle Worlds allow authors to write thrilling stories in the fictional worlds and using characters created by other bestselling authors.

Get it exclusively on Amazon.

About the author

Pic-ScottBuryScott Bury is an award-winning journalist, editor and author. He lives in Ottawa, Canada with two pesky cats, two mighty sons and a loving wife who puts up with a lot.

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