Autumn Birt

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Autumn is a best selling author in fantasy, epic fantasy, and war—not all on the same series though!

She is the author of the epic fantasy-adventure trilogy on elemental magic, The Rise of the Fifth Order, which comprise Born of Water, Rule of Fire and Spirit of Life.

Her newest series is Friends of my Enemy, a military dystopian/ dark fantasy tale laced with romance. Friends of my Enemy was released in full in 2016, a story full of strong characters, tight plots, and lots of action.

Meanwhile, she is working on a new epic fantasy trilogy, Games of Fire, set in the same world as the Rise of the Fifth Order. The first book in the series, Spark of Defiance, was released in March 2016. If she stops goofing off and enjoying hobbies such as hiking, motorcycling, and kayaking, she may even be able to release the second book in 2017.

"I’ve always loved books, reading as many as I could find or buy in high school mostly in the fantasy and sci fi genre. Of course I had my own stories rattling about in my head" she says. "I’d occasionally write bits down, but once I discovered e-publishing my daydreaming pastime blossomed. Now I’m a writer, spending hours honing my skills, learning techniques, and developing those story ideas into novels I can share. I’ve come to really love the nuances of writing for an audience: layering plots, leaving hints of what is coming, and really developing a world, character, or storyline to something that feels real. I think the best part is that a brief daydream that used to fascinate me for a day can become a story I spend years with, uncovering details I would never have imagined if I didn’t start to write them down."

Stop by her website and blog to learn more about the worlds of her books at You can also find her on Facebook at  or more frequently on Twitter @Weifarer.