Bob Nailor

BobNailorMost people call Robert S. Nailor Bob.  After serving in the U.S. Navy and a career with the federal government, he retired at the end of 2006 to write.

"One would think I should have plenty of time to write now but I actually seem to have less now," he says. "To make sure that things work out correctly, I try to force myself to sit down and write. That doesn't always work. Today, writing is fun and I find it relaxing. I get to visit those fantastic and strange places in my mind and well, if I don't come back right away, there isn't a boss behind me writing on a pink sheet of paper."

He lives in a ranch home snuggled into a quaint wooded acre in northwest Ohio. He's married, has four sons, currently ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, with another three on the way.

His interests are travel (have RV, will travel), gardening, chickens, music, art, cooking and reading: science fiction, fantasy, horror and action adventure.

Visit his website and blog, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter @bobnailor.



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