Benjamin X. Wretlind

BXWretlindFantasy Horror

Ben Wretlind has been—at different times, of course—a fry cook, range boy, greens maintenance technician, reservations agent, room service attendant, editor, banquet server, meteorologist, instructor, program manager for Internet applications, curriculum developer and training simulation engineer.

Exciting stuff, to be sure. There was that one time he took flight on the wings of an F-16, but he usually doesn’t count that.

He is married to a wonderful and amazing woman, who is both an artist and a great supporter of his writing. He also has five kids, a dog, a hamster and two fish that have survived for years…somehow.

The important thing to remember is that he is a writer. He has penned a few novels, deleted a few novels, edited a few novels and is, of course, writing a few novels.

Psychological horror