Now out: Burnt Road

By Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman

The fourth volume in the Scorch Romance Thriller Series by bestsellers Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman is now available on Amazon.

Called "persistently riveting" by Kirkus Reviews, the Scorch Series is romantic action-adventure for fans of romance thrillers, apocalyptic and family romance sagas.

What it's about

Dante Luciano is a genius gamer with autism who's made millions in computers and lives in a carefully constructed world in the Hollywood Hills when the chaos of the pandemic Scorch Flu breaks out. Charged by his brother JT with bringing gorgeous actress Melody Parker to the family's secure survival facility in Idaho, Dante is challenged by feelings he thought he was immune to.

Melody Parker uses her beauty, people skills, and bubbly personality to hide a vulnerable heart. She's never met a man like Dante, with the face of an angel, the body of Adonis, and the mind of Spock.

Can Melody and Dante overcome their deepest fears, deadly foes, their own limitations to love—and survive the road to the Haven?

Burnt Road follows Scorch Road, Cinder Road and Smoke Road, each featuring a different member of the Luciano family, and a strong female lead.

The series is available exclusively on Amazon.

About the authors

Toby Neal is the bestselling author of the Lei Crime series, the Paradise Crime series and the Michaels Family Romance series. Learn more about her on her iAi Author page.

Emily Kimelman is the author of the Sydney Rye series. Get to know Emily Kimelman from her iAi Author page.


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