New book coming soon: In Sheep’s Clothing

Sydney Rye #9

By Emily Kimelman

iAi member Emily Kimelman's ninth Sydney Rye novel is now available for pre-order from major e-tailers, and slated for release on September 27.

The Sydney Rye series are dark mysteries that never shy away from sex or violence. If you like daring heroines, canine companions, and edge-of-your-seat thrillers, then you'll love Emily Kimelman's novels.

What's In Sheep's Clothing about?

Sydney Rye is missing.

All that’s left of her is a depression in the dirt and a pool of blood.

Robert Maxim is ruthless, powerful, and determined to find her.

April Madden is an alcoholic preacher’s wife, and Sydney’s mother—she’s willing to risk everything, her sobriety, her marriage, even her faith, to hunt for her daughter.

But they can’t find Sydney Rye if she doesn’t want to be found.

April Madden hears the devil whispering to her: Just one little cocktail to dull the pain. Instead of picking up a glass, she throws herself into a quest: track down her missing daughter, her only surviving child, and make amends. Traveling into the Islamic State is fraught with danger and thick with obstacles. April doesn’t have her daughter’s training or Blue, Sydney’s loyal, giant mutt … but she does have her instincts, tenacity and mental illness. God whispers to her: your daughter is alive, don’t give up.

When graffiti of a wolf with a woman’s profile set into its silhouette appears throughout ISIS controlled territory, Robert Maxim is convinced Sydney Rye is alive. After women in those same areas start fighting back, attacking their abusers, he guesses that Sydney is somehow responsible. But when rumors circulate that a prophet, a weapon of God, has risen from the dead to free women from oppression, Robert can’t believe she’d be involved.

ISIS has a new enemy, a ghost haunting their territory. They will do anything to capture her … their caliphate depends on this new prophet's destruction.

Pre-order In Sheep’s Clothing today and join the hunt on September 20th, 2017.

About the author

Emily is the author of eight book in her Sydney Rye mystery, action adventure series. She also writes dystopian, paranormal romances under the name E.J. Kimelman.

A traveler, mother and all around bad ass chick, Emily is always happy to hear from readers. Connect with her on Twitter @ejkimelmanFacebook, and at her website,

Visit Emily’s website and sign up for her Readers’ Group to receive a FREE copy of her starter library which includes four ebooks including, Unleashed, the first Sydney Rye adventure. 


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