iAi author publishes two books in one week

TornRootsHiRes iAi founding member Scott Bury will publish two Kindle World novellas within a few days. JET – Stealth, a JET Kindle World novella, launched on July 28, and Torn Roots, a Lei Crime Kindle World story, comes out on July 31. The Kindle Worlds are an Amazon initiative where authors can publish stories about the characters and worlds of other popular authors. The Lei Crime series is the creation of bestseller Toby Neal, and are set in Hawaii. The JET series was created by bestseller Russell Blake, telling the story of former Mossad secret agent Maya, code-named Jet. Bury's Lei Crime novella Torn Roots features Toby Neal's character, Maui police detective Pono Kaihale, and a new FBI Special Agent, Vanessa Storm. In the story, a fiery environmental activist named Rowan Fields finds herself framed for arson and murder in a case involving a luxury yacht club development. JET - Stealth - 500 x 800In JET – Stealth, Maya, or Jet, is on her way to a quiet life after having left Mossad, but when her plane is hijacked, she's caught in a fight over a new, mysterious stealth gun. ScottBury2These are Scott Bury's fourth and fifth book-length publications. He is also the historical fantasy The Bones of the Earth, the erotic-romatic spoof One Shade of Red, and the Second World War memoir, Army of Worn Soles. He has also published a children's story, Sam, the Strawb Part, and paranormal-horror stories Dark Clouds and What Made Me Love You?Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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